GreekSox23's offseason plan

Tender options:

Ronald Belisario- Non-tender

Tyler Flowers- Tender

can help big joining KC or the Tigers

Dayan Viciedo- tender

Hector Noesi- Tender

will get better

Nate Jones- Tender

Javy Guerra- Tender

great help

Free agents
Victor Martinez 4yrs/ 35 mill
Martinez is the real deal who could help up balence out the line up nd send bombs the the concourse and in the gaps. He is needed big time. He could compliment Avi and Abreu in many ways
Neil Cotts 2yrs/5 mill
Cotts helped us to a Ring in 2005. Why not 2015? We need to revamp the bullpen big time
Mike Morse
Eaton Ramirez Abreu Martinez A. Garcia Morse
just let let that sink in... That's what I thought. This is a great top to a lineup
Brandon McCarthy 3yrs/ 9 mill
A solid #3 or Bullpen arm. Low risk, high reward
Pat Neshek 2yrs/ 4mill
Neshek will more than likely not get a 3 year deal due to age. Comming off an All-Star year he would be great and a sidearmer is a plus in any bullpen
J.P. Arencibia 1yr/ 900K
Very low risk Very high Reward. He was highly viewed in Torontos system and he showed a lot of power, epically for a Catcher. He will probably be looking to once again Raise his Stock and this would be a perfect opportunity
Luke Hoachaver 2yr/3mill
Why not? He was great once turned to a reliever so he can help this Bullpen in many ways.
Dayan Viciedo , Jordan and John Danks to Texas for Mitch Moreland and Jim Aducci
Moreland can Platoon with many people and give many players days off, for example. We are facing A though righty and we don't want a guy like Morse or Avi in the line up. Stick Moreland in. He can DH, a pretty good first base and a serviceable corner outfield and pitch if needed. And Aducci is a nice left handed bat that can see numbers rise at the Cell

Carlos Sanchez, Marcus Semien, Trayce Thomoson and Dan Black to Seattle for Tijuan Walker and James Paxton
Walker and Paxton will be lock down in the rotation or Bullpen to shut down Hitter for years.
Matt Davidon and Chris Beck to Reds for Latos
Latos would lock the Rotation for sure and make us a force to be reckoned with

1. CF Eaton 2.SS Ramirez 3.DH Martinez 4. 1b Abreu 5. RF Garcia 6. LF Morse/ Moreland 7. 3B Gillespie 7. C Flowers/ Aricibia 9. 2B Johnson
Bench OF Schuck C Flowers/ J.P. INF Saladino utilty Morse/ Morland

1. Sale 2. Quintana 3. Latos 4. McCarthy/Walker/ Paxton 5. Noesi/ Rodon

bulpen Webb/ Guerra Putnam McCarthy/Walker/Paxton (who ever isn't in the Rotation) Noesi/Rodon closer: Petrika

I feel this team can Contend this year and make a big splash. Comment!

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