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SB Nation MLB Awards 2014: The most regrettable White Sox moments

A few injuries could have been avoided, as well as some embarrassment in the broadcast booth

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

You can still vote for the funniest moment of the White Sox's season, but now we're moving on to the next SB Nation MLB Award: Most Regrettable Moment.

You guys listed numerous candidates, but I narrowed them down to five that 1) qualify as moments, rather than developments, and 2) could've been done differently had they replayed the situation.

Chris Sale's 127-pitch outing

Locked in a pitchers' duel with Boston's Jon Lester on April 17, Robin Ventura left Sale to throw 127 pitches over seven innings. He had his stuff -- he allowed just a solo homer and three walks while striking out 10 -- but the Red Sox did make him pile up the pitches.

He started the seventh at 102 pitches and walked the leadoff guy. Jonny Gomes lined out to deep center on his 110th pitch for the first out, but Sale then walked David Ross on eight pitches. The 119th pitch resulted in a popout, then fanned Ryan Roberts in an eight-pitch battle to end the inning, finishing his night with a career-high 127 pitches.

Sale and the Sox dismissed the significance of the pitch count immediately afterward, but Sale didn't respond well to the stress, and ended up going on the DL five days later. He didn't pitch again until May 22.

Avisail Garcia's labrum-tearing dive

Garcia lost four months of the season thanks to a dangerous diving technique on balls in front of him. He avoided disaster earlier in the Colorado series, but on April 9, he jammed his shoulder into the turf and screwed up his shoulder.

The good news: He seemed to learn his lesson, because he stuck to feet-first slides upon his return.

Adam Eaton's high-speed crash

I wouldn't consider this one "regrettable" if Eaton were chasing down a potential double, or maybe a homer that glanced off the top of the fence. But when it's a high-arcing shot four rows deep in his home park, that's a DL stint that's much harder to explain.

Chris Sale's binoculars

We don't know whether there's any merit to Sale's belief that Victor Martinez and/or the Tigers were stealing signs. But he could've pumped the brakes at a couple points during his final start of the season at Comerica Park. Tipping his cap to center field was weird but harmless. Plunking Martinez, not so harmless, but cathartic. Whatever the case, it shouldn't have gotten to the point where Sale pantomimed binoculars to the Tigers ...

... because it'll probably take him some time to live it down.

Oh, and he also got into a heated argument about it with Ventura the day after. This won't go down as his finest hour.

Steve Stone's delayed home run call

With the Sox leading the Twins 4-3 in the 10th inning, Tyler Flowers fouled off a pitch to the right side ... or so Steve Stone assumed. As Stone looked away and tended to other matters, Flowers' fly not only stayed well inside fair territory, but it went over the right-field wall for his second homer of the game.

Thanks to a small Target Field crowd that wasn't in the mood to applaud Flowers, Stone didn't catch on for an agonizingly long time.

Stone told 670 The Score, "I listened to it, and the sound of it wasn't near as bad as I felt when I actually made the call. Fortunately it wasn’t on camera, because I think I became Mr. Tomato Head. I got bright red, and I thought, ‘Oh. This isn’t good.’"