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White Sox reportedly sign Melky Cabrera to three-year deal

Contract for left fielder "should be in $45 million range," says Bruce Levine

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

Whenever Kenny Williams starts talking about the White Sox payroll, you may as well ignore it.

The Sox didn't need a creative trade to fill the gap in left field. Nope, they went ahead and signed Melky Cabrera to three-year deal per Bruce Levine.

Levine's pretty far ahead of the game, because nobody else has confirmed it. The only second source is the fact that this Adam Eaton tweet ...

... was retweeted by Cabrera himself. But nobody else has rejected the report, either, and Cabrera fills obvious areas of need -- a left fielder, a switch-hitter, and somebody who can hit second. He did that in 112 games for the Blue Jays last year, during which he hit .301/.351/.458.

Update: We have a second source, and a more precise salary: