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White Sox trade for Samardzija supposedly done; details from the White Sox side are still unknown

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Reports are out that a deal to bring Jeff Samardzija to the White Sox is done. Right now, we're just waiting on the details. Marcus Semien seems to be part of the deal, but other parts are unsure.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The deal that we've been waiting for the White Sox to make over the past few weeks appears to be done.  Reports have come from multiple reporters including Jeff PassanKen Rosenthal and Jon Heyman that the deal is done. One little tiny thing is missing. No one yet knows exactly who is being sent to Oakland.

The primary name brought up for the Sox is Marcus Semien, which makes sense for Oakland.  Semien is from the Bay Area.  In the short term, they probably have a decent scouting file on Semien so they would know what they're getting.  Longer term, Oakland can work on getting the home team discount if things work out.

The prospects part is still an open question.  Lot's of names have been mentioned, but nothing credible has been reported yet.  Tyler Danish, Micah Johnson, and Trey Michalczewski have been among the rumored.

Meanwhile, Adam Eaton is OK with the move.

Update (12/9/2014 6:30 am):

Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle has some updates on what the Sox appear to be sending to the A's.