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Chris Sale is "The Condor" elsewhere now

Nickname takes next step beyond South Side Sox by landing on page

For the last two seasons -- or,, specifically, since April 17, 2012 -- we here at South Side Sox have called Chris Sale "The Condor." The esteemed Nordhagen made the case with a pair of compelling visuals:


It stuck. The math checks out. Goodbye, lame "Inverted W." Hello, "Condor M."

Well, Nordhagen took it to the next level by putting it to the test, and it passed there, too. When you look up Sale's B-Ref page, right next to "Christopher Sale" is "The Condor." Obviously a site devoted to analytics wouldn't stand in the way of science.

Just because it graduated to B-Ref doesn't mean it'll be commonly accepted. I don't think anybody calls Jose Canseco "The Chemist," and I don't ever recall Chase Utley being referred to as "The Man." And it's baseball's great shame that mainstream reports of Bronson Arroyo's signing came and went without a reference to "Saturn Nuts."

"The Condor" didn't even ring a bell over at Southside Showdown.

Baseball-Reference lists his nickname as "Condor." I don’t really hear this used very much but there is this bit of wonderment from South Side Sox commenter South Side Expat:

(That was after Ventura pulled Sale from the rotation in May of 2012.)

So it's still an uphill climb to gain wider acceptance, but this is a fine start. If it can get a foothold, it'll be the second SSS nickname to stick on the outside. That's assuming we're the source for Donny Lucy's nickname, anyway.