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Point/Counterpoint: Is Adam Eaton another Nick Swisher?

Two recent items highlight key difference, similiarity between outsized personalities

Rob Tringali

Continuing our ongoing study regarding Adam Eaton, and whether he is the second coming of Nick Swisher and will test the White Sox clubhouse's ability to welcome a full-blown card into the fold, here are a couple of recent developments to add to the file.

It's going to be different

Paul Konerko summoned Eaton to his private hitting cave at his Scottsdale compound this offseason, and Eaton understood the gravity of the invitations extended to him.

"It was great; he invited me out to his place a little bit, I think three or four times," Eaton said. "I really enjoyed getting to know him. His swing too, and as a ballplayer and how he goes about his business, is something special, even at this stage of his career. He’s very focused on what he needs to get done.

"It was an honor for him to invite me out there, just to get to know him in a more on a personal way than in the cage."

And Konerko still has a favorable impression after multiple exposures.

"He just does everything well and he’s a really good athlete," Konerko said of Eaton. "I’m kind of excited to see a guy who wants to be a true leadoff hitter, that type of role. We haven’t had that all the time. We’ve had spurts of it here and there with some guys. I’ve seen him the last couple of springs with the Diamondbacks and was really impressed."

As they always say: "Kind of excited" is a kind of excited!

It's going to be the same