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Following up: Adam Eaton, behind the beanie

Plus: Matt Davidson's hair gains fans, Avisail Garcia is concerned about his homeland, and more

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

So, going back to this picture:

WGN's Pat Tomasulo brought a box of props to liven up Picture Day (and earned some props from this guy by dropping a reference to Billy Ripken's 1989 Fleer card). Some were game for a little bit of hamming, and Eaton was more game than most.

Eaton also joined Tomasulo for a one-on-one interview (h/t @monerb13), and there are no reminders of a former Sox outfielder I'm not allowed to refer to, even in jest.

Reading room

With Derek Jeter retiring, SB Nation's MLB hub is trying to figure out who is the new face of baseball, except they're less focused on virtues and more on handsomeness. Matt Davidson isn't a lock for the 25-man roster, but his hair makes him the White Sox' representative in this poll nevertheless. The voting is by rec's, and here's the direct link to the comment.

He's also working on his defense with Joe McEwing.

Avisail Garcia is far removed from the violent clashes between protestors and the government in Venezuela, but it's weighing on him.

For those wondering if Adam Dunn is still having fun, affirmative. He also may be heading to the Academy Awards as part of the "Dallas Buyers Club" camp. He invested in the production company that made it, and had a bit role as a bartender.

Trayce Thompson still has Nick Capra's support, but he realizes that the young-for-the-level defense has just about reached its end, so the numbers have to show up.