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White Sox announce 2014 promotional schedule

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Chris Sale gets a bobblehead day, and Minnie Minoso gets a(nother) statue


The White Sox released their promotional schedule on Tuesday, and the bobbleheads lead the way. Chris Sale gets his first one, and Tony La Russa gets a Hall of Fame nod.

The rundown:

  • March 31: 2014 White Sox Magnetic Schedule
  • April 12: 1983 White Sox Fleece Blanket
  • April 15-17: White Sox Calendar
  • April 25: White Sox Reusable Grocery Tote
  • April 26: Minnie Minoso Replica Statue
  • May 10: Pink White Sox Scarf
  • May 24: Chris Sale Bobblehead
  • May 31: White Sox Kids Baseball Glove
  • June 14: White Sox Cap
  • July 4: White Sox Tailgate Flag
  • July 5: White Sox Kids Jersey
  • Aug. 5: 1983 White Sox Reusable Bag
  • Aug. 30: Tony La Russa Bobblehead
  • Sept. 12: White Sox Irish Flat Cap

They also used the press release to confirm the return of Family Sundays at the same prices:

  • $10 parking
  • $15 tickets for the bleacher, outfield reserved, lower corner and premium upper box sections.
  • $10 ticket for upper box and upper reserved sections.
  • $5 tickets for the upper corner sections.

The couple 1983 items on the list suggest that the Winning Ugly uniforms could return this season, but the Sox weren't willing to settle that yet, so we can still pretend that 1964 might finally get some attention.