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Alternate White Sox uniforms for 2014 revealed

They kind of look familiar

Jonathan Daniel

Earlier this offseason, there was some speculation on the alternate uniforms. In 2012, they brought back the red 1972 uniforms. In 2013, we saw the return of the 1983 uniforms. Was 2014 destined to bring back the 1964 uniforms? Gary Peters, a member of the 1964 team, did attend SoxFest. Is this the year for the 98 win 1964 team to get some recognition? To the dismay of some, no.

That's right, the 1983 uniforms will be mostly coming back. For those of you who must have every cap, you'll still need to get a new one since the "Sox" text is going away and will be replaced by the batterman logo for this year's cap.

It is probably safe to assume that the "Winning Ugly" retro racers will be the same as last year, but that hasn't been announced yet. While we wait, maybe we can come up with a suggestion for another racer?