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Reading Room: Sox vs. Indians cancelled today

Game today cancelled because of rain. So, instead, we have some fine reading materials to fill your relaxing afternoon.

Jamie Squire

Hooray!  Hooray!  First of March... OK, that rhyme won't work.  After chasing away the white rabbits, you'll have to find something else to fill your afternoon since there won't be any White Sox baseball today.

For those of us who tried to watch the feed yesterday, I hope they use the time today to work out any glitches.  Today was also supposed to give us a view of several of the pitchers battling over the depth spots in the White Sox rotation.

Finally, Josh Phegley was listed as the catcher for today's game when the lineup was first posted.  This morning, he was replaced in the lineup Adrian Nieto.  There's been no information on the lineup switch.  Maybe there's an injury.  Maybe it was because Phegley grounded out in a one pitch at bat yesterday.  Speculate away!

Christian Marrero Reading Room

White Sox Lindstrom isn't concerned about mild oblique strain - CSN Chicago

Based on how injuries have continued to nag players after Spring Training last season, I'm concerned.

Beckham downplays batting-stance talk -

A new season, a new beard, and a new stance for Gordon Beckham.

"I'm not even going to start talking about stance and stuff," Beckham said. "I don't want to have to answer 50 different things of why I've done this or done that.

Beckham went 0-2 yesterday and grounded into a double play with runners on first and second and no outs.

Sox agree to contracts with Quintana, 23 others - Chicago Tribune

Quintana received the biggest contract of the group at $550,000, and reliever Nate Jones followed with a deal for $545,000. The minimum salary for major league players in 2014 is $500,000.

Om nom nom.  Value priced WAR.

Finally, Daniel Webb will be out for a while.