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White Sox sign Jose Quintana to five-year contract extension

Two club options give club the option to keep him in fold through 2020

Strange looking contract.
Strange looking contract.

If the White Sox had any lingering concerns about the 30.00 ERA Jose Quintana carried into his spring training start on Sunday, they erased them with big news on Monday. Or maybe they were waiting for him to record an out.

Either way, the White Sox announced that Quintana signed a five-year extension with two club options, that, if exercised, would keep him under team control through 2020.

The details of the contract hinge on whether Quintana, who has accrued 1.133 years of service time, becomes arbitration-eligible after the season.

Eligible Ineligible
2014 $850K $850K
2015 $3.4M $1M
2016 $5.4M $3.8M
2017 $7M $6M
2018 $8.85M $8.35M
2019* $10.5M $10.5M
2020* $11.5M $11.5M
Guaranteed $26.5M $21M

*Signifies option year; $1 million buyout if option is declined.

With 2.133 years of service time, Quintana would have qualified for Super Two status in two of the last five seasons. Since the new CBA lowered the bar, I'd give it a 50-50 shot the White Sox expect Quintana to be eligible for arbitration.

Quintana has been paired with Chris Sale at the top of future White Sox rotations, and their twin contract extensions complement each other as well. Basically, take all the lessons, hopes and dreams with the Sale extension and apply them here, except with at a reduced price. And should Quintana fall short of qualifying for arbitration, the Sox have even more of a deal on their hands.

The official quote from Rick Hahn:

"Jose quickly has established himself as a quality major-league starting pitcher, and along with Chris Sale, we expect him to be an important piece of our rotation for the foreseeable future. Jose brings a tremendous work ethic and professionalism to his approach, and he is well respected by his teammates, so we are excited to be able to reward him for what he has accomplished thus far in his career and possibly keep him in a White Sox uniform for the next seven seasons."