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Your 2014 White Sox racers - Hawk, Stone, Farmer, and DJ

The Sox announcers will be returning to the field this summer.

Why is everyone happy but Ed?
Why is everyone happy but Ed?
White Sox

One of the great mysteries of the 2014 offseason has finally been resolved. The 2014 racers will be the White Sox radio and TV announcers: Hawk Harrelson, Steve Stone, Ed Farmer, and Darrin Jackson.

The speculation on the 2014 racers has raged through the offseason. When Gary Peters was announced as a featured guest at SoxFest, the assumption was that the 1964 White Sox players would be featured.

When SoxFest came, the 1983 team racers showed up for a visit fueling even more speculation. Later, when the 2014 alternate uniforms were announced and were the 1983 uniforms with the Batterman logo hats, everything pointed to the 1983 team racers returning.

That all changed Wednesday morning. Twitter buzzed with photos of the new 2014 racers. Twitter also universally joked that Hawk would "win by a nose". I'm certain Hawk will probably be the fans' favorite for winning races. What remains to be seen is whether a Tom Paciorek racer will join the lineup when he fills in for Steve Stone in the TV booth. We'll have to wait and see.