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Jose Abreu speaks softly, carries loud stick

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Listen to the slugger crush his first home run in a White Sox uniform, then see how he downplays it

Jose Abreu doing something decidedly less exciting.
Jose Abreu doing something decidedly less exciting.
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

If Jose Abreu hits his first home run in a White Sox uniform and there's no way to see it, did it make a sound?

Boy howdy!

(Warning: After pressing play, you have six seconds to stand under the nearest door frame.)

For a little visual enhancement, the White Sox tweeted a beautiful photo at the point of contact.

There's probably something you can ingest to make you think the photo is moving while playing the clip, but I couldn't tell you what it is.

I can tell you that you're probably more excited about Abreu's first homer than Abreu is, based on his reaction.

"I hit them all over the field. I hit the ball to all parts of the field," Abreu said. "Today, it was just an outside pitch and I was able to put it that way. But the important thing is I get them."

Getting his first homer out of the way didn't take any special weight off Abreu.

"The toughest game of Spring Training was my first game. It will be the same tomorrow and the same the rest of spring," he said. "I don't get too stressed or too uptight. I'm doing my work."