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White Sox bullpen coming together slowly

Nate Jones pitched scoreless inning in first spring game, and Daniel Webb and Ronald Bellisario are next in line for debuts

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

When we last checked in with the White Sox bullpen, all four of the top right-handed options were unable to pitch due to a variety of circumstances -- strained muscles, family emergencies and bureaucracy.

The relief corps isn't quite coming together yet, but it's kinda coagulating, which is something. Over the next several days, a few pieces could be clicking into their places.

Nate Jones: Saturday

Having conquered his glute, Jones made his first appearance in a spring training game. The Diamondbacks welcomed him with a double and a walk, but Jones rebounded with a strikeout and a double play off the bat of Henry Blanco.

Although it was rocky -- or maybe because it wasn't great -- Jones is ready for more.

"I didn't necessarily want to get in that jam, but it happens and I got to work out a little bit, get the blood flowing," said Jones, who gave up a Shelley Duncan double and a four-pitch walk to Andy Marte to open the inning. "Everything felt good. Everything was normal, ready to get it going.

"The best part was seeing that other uniform in the box instead of the White Sox uniform. Got the adrenaline going for sure."

He's scheduled to pitch again on Tuesday, which means it's situation normal for now.

Daniel Webb: Today

Webb missed a week to attend to a family emergency in Kentucky, but he was able to throw off a mound while at home. He returned on Thursday with an encouraging bullpen session, which puts him on track to make his spring debut against Oakland.

‘‘Daniel looked good,’’ pitching coach Don Cooper said. ‘‘It sounded like a bowling ball hitting the glove. He was throwing kind of a heavier ball. He threw well.’’

Ronald Belisario: Wednesday?

Belisario arrived at camp three weeks late, but in surprisingly good shape.

"He definitely was throwing in Venezuela because he came out here and had a nice sideline. Ball out of his hand has life, movement, sink," said Cooper. "I'm excited, I'm saying we have another one of our guys here and a guy we're counting on, a veteran, and it's just good all around that he's here."

He threw a bullpen on Saturday, he'll throw again on Monday, and if everything checks out, he should pitch in his first Cactus League game two days after.

Matt Lindstrom: TBD

Lindstrom hasn't thrown since an aborted bullpen session on Thursday due to a strained left oblique. It is indeed just a strain, as he underwent an ultrasound to make sure things were still connected. He says he's been around the block enough times to know he doesn't need a full spring to get ready, but he is trying to not compete against himself.

"We are taking this a little bit slower than the first time," said Lindstrom prior to Saturday's contest with the D-backs. "Just trying to make sure it doesn't grab on me again because time, it isn't running out, but we can't afford another setback."