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Avisail Garcia injury wrap-up

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There is news, and it definitely isn't good news. The Sox also pick up a minor league outfielder.

Doug Pensinger

Now that despair has fully set in with Avisail Garcia's injury, additional detail on the injury has come out since it was initially announced.  If you were hoping for something optimistic, you won't be happy. White Sox GM Rich Hahn broke the bad news on the Boers and Bernstein show this afternoon.

"Initially, the thought was perhaps rehab was the way to go," Hahn said. "Unfortunately, this specific injury, this specific tear of the labrum does have some bone involvement. So that needs to be reattached and no amount of rehabilitation is going to solve that. You have to go into (surgery) to make that heal properly."

Bone involvement.

The Sox are going to get a second opinion just to be sure, but any hope that he'll be back late this season because Garcia's a fast healer should stop right now.

In other news, the Sox have already made a move to add a new outfielder in Charlotte.

Hernandez was signed as a minor league free agent in the offseason by the Royals.  He last played in the majors in 2012 for the Marlins and has put together a .192/.267/.301 line over his major league career. In the minors, it's been a more acceptable .278/.339/.375. Once upon a time, Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus had him as a top 100 prospect before the 2008 and 2009 seasons.