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Podcast: Jonah Keri Talks White Sox (and Expos)

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Plus the past week's The Good, Bad, and Ugly. A brand new segment, P.O. Sox, in which listeners ask the questions to Jim Margalus.

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Tom Pennington

The rundown for the South Side Sox Podcast Episode 14:

  • In response to his piece, Jonah Keri was kind enough to join us this week on the podcast to discuss how sustainable this offensive output can be, the trade value for Adam Dunn and Alejandro De Aza, his thoughts on Marcus Semien, and we explore the possibilities of Major League Baseball returning to Montreal.
That's not all! You also get:

  • Adam Hazlett (Hazymania) joins me to hand out our The Good, Bad, and Ugly. He also gives his review of Kevin Costner's sure to be Oscar worthy performance in Draft Day.
  • Brand new segment I'm excited for: P.O. Sox. It is a mailbag feature that allows listeners to submit questions via twitter by sending a tweet to @southsidesox, post a question below in the comments, or send us an e-mail at Who is answering these questions? No other than "Marvelous" Jim Margalus.
  • Rob Hart (67WMAQ) joins me to talk about the difficulties Cuban born players go through to defect ,and the struggles they face when they do arrive in America.
To listen, simply click on the play button below:

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Want to thank everyone again for listening. Last week was the first time the South Side Sox podcast exceeded 800 plays and 2,000+ in the past month. Any feedback, whether its people you would like to see on the podcast or new segments you would like to listen to just simply shoot me an e-mail at sss.

Thanks again for listening!