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Right on Q: More Found Objects

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Another video journey down White Sox Memory Lane...

Ahh...the goold old days.
Ahh...the goold old days.

The great thing about the Internet (and YouTube, to be specific) is the fact that videotapes and rolls of film that were stored in somebody's attic or basement finally find their way online.

Here's my semi-regular collection of the newest White Sox stuff to make it online.  Let's get to it.

For some reason Disco Demolition continues to be a source of fascination for White Sox fans.  The Museum of Classic Chicago Television has done a great job of preserving video artifacts from the event.

Here's Harry Caray and Jimmy Piersall talking about "teen night" that was going to take place during a twi-night double header the following evening.  Jimmy mentioned that the main event will be "a disco demolition."  Harry Caray can't get past the fact that the radio station was named WLUP, before catching a foul ball with his butterfly net.

Two days later, Disco Demolition would become an internationally known fiasco.  Here's the Channel 2 News from the following night.  Sports anchor Bruce Roberts talks to Bill Veeck about being forced to forfeit the second game of the double header.  We also hear from Alan Bannister and much younger Roger Bossard (I want Bossard's shirt):


For decades....Bob Elson was the voice of the White Sox.  From 1967 through the end of 1970, Elson and Red Rush did Sox games on the radio.  Here's a complete White Sox radio broadcast from the end of the 1967 season.  The White Sox are playing the Red Sox at Fenway Park.  Oddly enough, Bob Elson is watching Ken Harrelson, who would later become synonymous with the White Sox.


And's a bunch of news coverage from the finals days of Old Comiskey Park.