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Podcast: Erik Johnson Sent Down to AAA Charlotte

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We'll also deliver a Minor League Report, recap the past week's The Good, Bad and Ugly. Will Leitch stops by to share his observations after visiting Chicago for "Leitch Across America".

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Here is what we are discussing in this week's South Side Sox Podcast:

  • We discuss the impact of optioning starting pitcher Erik Johnson to Charlotte.
  • Will Leitch of Sports on Earth (and founder of joins the podcast to share his observations from his "Leitch Across America" tour and how the White Sox fit in with the Chicago sports landscape.
  • Larry stops by to deliver the Minor League Report. Discussing James Dykstra, Courtney Hawkins, Micah Johnson, Chris Beck, and the disappointing start of the season for the Charlotte Knights.
  • Adam Hazlett and Rob Hart stop by to share their The Good, Bad and Ugly for the past week.
  • Finally we open up the mailbag and Jim Margalus answers your questions in "P.O. Sox"
To listen to the podcast, simply click on the play button below:

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Thanks again for listening to the podcast this week!