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Gamethread: Can squeegees sweep?

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The White Sox and Twins try to get a game in despite unpleasant weather

Brian Kersey

A nasty storm is wreaking havoc with much of the Midwest's baseball schedules, but the White Sox see a window to get this game in, although the conditions probably won't be pleasant.

For the White Sox, it's the same lineup as yesterday.

White Sox Twins
1 Adam Eaton CF Brian Dozier 2B
2 Marcus Semien 3B Joe Mauer DH
3 Jose Abreu 1B Josh Willingham LF
4 Adam Dunn DH Chris Colabello 1B
5 Avisail Garcia RF Trevor Plouffe 3B
6 Alejandro De Aza LF Oswaldo Arcia RF
7 Alexei Ramirez SS Josmil Pinto C
8 Tyler Flowers C Aaron Hicks CF
9 Leury Garcia 2B Eduardo Escobar SS
P Jose Quintana
Phil Hughes