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Podcast: The Good, Bad and Ugly of Week 1

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Brian Kersey

Welcome to the South Side Sox Hangout episode 12.

Here is this week's podcast rundown:

  • Rob Hart (67WMAQ) and Adam Hazlett (Hazymania) recap week one of the regular season and pick the good, the bad and the ugly for the previous week. You can also play along by making your choices down below in the poll.

  • Jim Margalus and Larry take us on a deep dive of the minor league system. Which affliates they are most looking forward to watch, who has the most aggressive assignment, and who needs a great 2014 campaign.

  • With the three game series starting today at Coors Field, I'm joined by Co-Managing Editor of The Purple Row, Bryan Kilpatrick, to preview the Colorado Rockies. He also shares his experience of what it was like last year to lose a certain first base, franchise icon and how it relates to Paul Konerko.

  • Patrick Nolan (pnoles) previews the upcoming four game weekend series against the Cleveland Indians. Also discuss the impact of Jason Kipnis contract extension.
To listen, just click on the play button below.

We now have an iTunes Channel! Very exciting news as we are working hard to make the podcast available for everyone to listen. If you don't have an iDevice (iPhone, iPad, iPod) no worries you can visit our SoundCloud page or download the SoundCloud on your mobile device to take the podcast with you.

Thanks for listening this week. Look forward to your comments below or you can shoot us an e-mail at