Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft Results

For those who are unaware John Sickels and the guys over at minorleagueball do a mock draft with one representative from every team to make the picks for that team. This year the white sox scouting director flaked on them so I stepped in for him. Lil Jimmy also was heavily involved in the picks through the war room. Here is a rundown of the picks we made and what happened to get there.

Pick 1.3 - NC LHP Carlos Rodon

With the first pick Houston took Aiken, and then Miami took Alex Jackson. This pretty much was the dream scenario for me other than maybe getting Aiken to fall, so I quickly scooped up Rodon. Rodon could be a staple in the rotation for years to come.

Pick 2.44 - HS RHP Cameron Varga

With this pick I really wanted Orangewood HS 2b Forest Wall but he was taken a few picks ahead of me so I was faced with a decision between Cal Poly LHP Matt Imhof or HS RHP Cameron Varga from Ohio. I opted for Varga who is 6'3 205lb starter who sits 90-95 with a power curveball and good feel for a changeup. Imhof also would have been a decent pick here IMO. Really love the left handed hittiing Forest Wall, has a nice swing and has good speed.

Pick 3.77 - Ole Miss RHP Chris Ellis

The 77th pick presented lots of possible players that would fit well with the Sox, but I was looking for a college player with this pick. I think Rodon and Varga would probly take up most of their slots so I was looking to be able to save a little money possibly with this pick. My favorite player with this pick was FIU catcher Aramis Garcia but he was also gone by the time it came down to it. The pick I locked in on was RHP from Ole Miss Chris Ellis. Chris does lots of things right and the projection is there for him to get stronger and add velocity to a fastball that is 90-93 with sink and run. Has a decent changeup and ability to be around the strike zone consistently.

Pick 4.108 - HS C Simeon Lucas

This pick was made by Lil Jimmy and I love the pick. After taking 3 pitchers in a row it was time for a position player. Illinois native Simeon Lucas is a 6'2 210lb catcher from Grant HS. Some scouts question his ability to stay behind the dish, but it would be worth it for the sox to have him stay there as long as possible given catcher is a deficiency in this org. He has decent power and hit .500 with 5 homers 20 RBI and 14 walks through his first 17 games.

Overall, I was pleased with my picks, but really would have liked to get one of Forest Wall or Aramis Garcia. Let me know what you guys think, and also take the poll!

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