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Did Todd fix 'em?

Gordon Beckham has a sudden explosion and credits hitting coach Todd Steverson. Is he fixed or is this just something else?

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Before Tuesday game, the White Sox probably had to wonder if Gordon Beckham was broken forever. He did not look good during his rehab assignment, and he was hitting a flat .167/.222/.214 so far in the majors. But then, Tuesday happened.  And who gets the credit for that?  Todd Steverson.

"I mean when you pull an oblique, there should be more moments where you don't have the same swing because obviously the oblique has so much to do with your body and your swing and everything, so you kind of got to find it," Beckham said. "But [hitting coach Todd Steverson], I worked with him today and he gave me a good idea, and I just took and ran with it. A lot of credit goes to him."

After going 4-for-5 Tuesday, Beckham was rewarded with the leadoff spot on Wednesday.  He only went 1-for-5, but that one was a three-run homer.  He was also rewarded with some gaudy headlines.

Does that mean Gordon is fixed?  In a way, yes.  Beckham's OPS now stands at .657, which is almost within spitting distance of his career OPS of .693.  His .385 slugging is also just above his career .380.  While there has been a ton of swooning since Tuesday night, a lot of it can be explained by regression to the mean.

It's also a fortunate thing for the White Sox front office though.  Come late July, the team will likely still be around .500 and Rick Hahn will be selling.  If there are some "hot" players like Beckham or Adam Dunn, Hahn will have some pieces he can sell high on.  So, while we likely won't see much of Marcus Semien soon, he'll be back.  In the meantime, a lineup that looks a lot like 2013's will keep his spot warm for him.