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Podcast: Road to Rodon

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Jonathan Daniel

Sorry for the delay with the podcast publishing, folks. Had some technical difficulties but rest assured, here is the rundown for this week's podcast:

  • Patrick Nolan (pnoles) fills in for Jim this week as we discuss Saturday's loss to the Angels and if how pnoles would have played it differently.
  • I host a round table with ColinRhubarb, and Mr. Rob Hart (67WMAQ) discussing our reaction to selecting Carlos Rodon. Topics we discuss: Do we like the pick? What is his timetable to the big leagues?
  • Al Beaton from Bless You Boys joins me to preview the Detroit Tigers series. Great insight about how Tiger fans have been handling Justin Verlander's struggles and the shortstop situation.
  • Seth Lakso, Charlotte Knights Insider for the Charlotte Observer, joins the podcast again to chat about how the Knights have been handling Marcus Semien, Tyler Saladino, Micah Johnson, and Carlos Sanchez. Plus, we chat about Taylor Thompson and how regaining his split finger fastball has helped him tremendously. Also, if you want to stay on the beat here is his blog which he updates daily.
  • Finally, this week's P.O. Sox mailman is Pnoles who answers the fans questions ranging from if the Sox will be buyers in July to how worse off would the White Sox be without Don Cooper.
To listen, simply click on the play button below:

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For those going to the Meth Up this weekend, I will have my tape recorder on me. If you would like to record something for next week's podcast, or if you would like to ask a question for P.O. Sox, find me and we will get you on.

Thanks for listening!