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Podcast: 2014 MLB Mid-Season Review

Guests include's Dan Szymborski,'s Jim Callis, and Charlotte Observer's Seth Lakso.

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Yay! The podcast is back.
Yay! The podcast is back.
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

We're back! Sorry for the hiatus as my case of bronchitis put me on the DL for a week. However, we come back with a big episode of the South Side Sox podcast as we cover:

  • Mid-season review for the 2014 Chicago White Sox with Jim Margalus. As he gets to play teacher and give his 1st half grades for the team.
  • To help give us insight on the on-going contract negotiations between Carlos Rodon and the White Sox, Senior Writer for, Jim Callis, joins the podcast again as he reveals what the final number might be to get ink on paper for the draftee.
  • ZiPS founder and's, Dan Szymborski, joins the podcast to give his June review and his projections for the 2nd half in MLB.
  • This week's Minor League Report covers the Charlotte Knights, as Seth Lakso joins to discuss Micah Johnson's hot streak, Marcus Semien getting playing time in Centerfield, and Chris Beck's lone start in Charlotte. Also played the new game "Ready or Not". Plus check out his feature on Micah Johnson from his beginnings playing High School baseball in Indianapolis to his college days at Indiana University - Micah Johnson: Zero to First Base in 3.6 Seconds.
  • Finally, we wrap up the podcast with my favorite segment, P.O. Sox with questions coming from the listeners.
To listen, simply just click on the play button below:

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Thanks for listening this week!