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The 27th annual SSS contest

You're all winners

U.S. Cellular Field Print
U.S. Cellular Field Print
Ballpark Blueprints

First, the prizes. Up for grabs are four U.S. Cellular Field blueprints, courtesy of Ballpark Blueprints ( These retail for $60. Description:

They're 18" high x 24" wide, printed on museum-quality paper stock with a heavenly, crisp white finish and beautiful texture. Hand-drawn artwork of the park including a plan view, signature elevation view, and architectural details unique to the park. More info:

I know, this isn't as good as the 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S550 that Jim won in last year's completely open, transparent and fair contest. But last year's sponsor, Knauz Continental Motors - located in Lake Bluff on Skokie Highway just east of I-94, for all your Mercedes-Benz needs - found out that we lied about the site's demographics. Apparently, white males in their 20s aren't the target market they were looking for.

Second, the rules. To enter, you have to post a comment that explains why you read SSS. You have to use more than, like, 15 words. Complete sentences, too. Snark is discouraged and won't help your cause. Flattery is not discouraged but it probably won't help your cause. One of the qualifying entries will be randomly selected to win one of the prints. The other three winners will be selected by me, with the scoring of which I think are the best entries completely in my discretion. You may ask, what draws my admiration? What is that which gives me joy? Well-written and well-thought out comments. Number of recs to your comment will be considered but are not in any way determinative.

One entry per person. U.S. and Canadian residents only. Due to complaints from the 26th annual contest, SSS editors and authors are not eligible. Entries will be accepted for 24 hours from the timestamp of this post.

This part is very important. Three of the prints are in my possession. I will not be mailing them. One of the prints will come directly from Ballpark Blueprints. This print will be mailed. I will bring the other three prints to the meet-up at the Cell on June 14. Perhaps there is some kind person who will be at the meet-up who would be willing to mail them to a winner who cannot pick it up personally. If such a person exists, please post your willingness. In any event, please put in your entry whether you can pick up the print or need to have it mailed to you. Obviously, you'll need to share your mailing address to get it mailed to you.