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White Sox select Carlos Rodon with the third pick of the draft

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With the third pick of the 2014 MLB Draft, the White Sox selected LHP Carlos Rodon from NC State. 

Carlos Rondon was the widely considered the overall number one pick throughout last year and into the preseason.  After struggling through this season, questions about his workload this season, and the rise of Brady Aiken, his hold on the number one spot slipped.

His slider is very much his calling card, but it has also been a concern this season.  Scouts have been concerned that he's been throwing it too much and that it's causing him to lose some velocity off his fastball.

The other concern is that he has Scott Boras as an agent.  So once he's up for your team, you have to assume that the chances of a friendly, long-term deal for the Sox like what what Sale or Quintana have is between slim and none.

Even with these concerns, he automatically joins the conversation for the 2015 rotation.  The question now is whether he has the minor league cup of coffee like Chris Sale to get him working with Don Cooper as quickly as possible.

The White Sox pick again with the 44th pick tonight.