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MLB Draft 2014: Day three wrap up

The Sox continue to load up on fresh college players and pitchers.

Rich Schultz

The picks come fast on day three.  There's a lot of picks.  There's also a lot of sparse information on a lot of the guys.  So, the recaps are limited on some of these guys.

The Sox pick nine left-handed pitchers and nine right-handed pitchers.  In addition, out of the position players draft, four more had significant experience as pitchers.  For the position players, the Sox drafted three catchers, eight outfielders, four shortstops, three third basemen, three first basemen, and a second baseman.

The White Sox picked seven high schoolers and 33 college players.

11th round: Zach Fish, OF, Oklahoma State | Twitter

Junior.  Former catcher, now outfielder, with some power.

College stats

12th round: Connor Walsh, RHP, University of Cincinnati

Redshirt sophomore. Walsh is one of the interview subjects (he's #14) during the infamous photobombs.

College stats

13th round: Mike Gomez, LHP, FIU | Twitter

Fifth year senior.  A reliever that set the FIU save record record.

College stats

14th round: Bryce Montes de Oca, RHP, Lawrence HS (KS)

The most aggressive pick of the day for the Sox.  A 6'8" high schooler with a 95 mph fastball. He's also had Tommy John surgery.  He has committed to Mizzou. Crawfish Boxes have an extended profile and videos. He might not be signable though.

"When you see a guy that talented taken that low, he's almost never going to be signable," Draft expert Jim Callis wrote in an email. "I believe Montes de Oca was looking for a seven-figure bonus, and it's hard to scrape up that kind of money in the 14th round with the bonus rules being what they are. I think he's headed to Missouri."

15th round: Ben Brewster, LHP, Maryland

A college LOOGY? Maybe, but he has a 95 mph fastball. He's also a strength training coach and graduated with a 3.9 in Kineseology.

College stats

16th round: Matt Cooper, RHP, Hawaii

Baseball Cube is missing his 2014 stats. He was a 15 game starter with 106.2 innings and 106 Ks.  He's a college senior.

2014 college stats

17th round: William Trexler, RHP, North Florida

A fifth year senior with a few transfers under his belt.

College stats

18th round: Tanner Banks, LHP, Utah

Yet another college senior.

College stats

19th round: Aaron Bummer, LHP, Nebraska | Twitter

Finally, a college junior.

College stats

20th round: Brannon Easterling, RHP, St. Edwards U | Twitter

Another fifth year senior with some transfers under their belt.

College stats

21st round: Ryan Leonards, 3B, Louisiana-Lafayette | Twitter

The second position player of the day is a fifth year senior.  Drafted as a third baseman, played SS in college.

College stats

22nd round: Kevin Swick, 3B, USC

A senior.

College stats

23rd round: Michael Hollenbeck, C, Illinois State | Twitter

Another senior.

College stats

24th round: Michael Suiter, CF, Kansas | Twitter

Previously selected by Cincinnati in the 37th round in 2011. He's a junior even.

College stats

25th round: Mason Robbins, RF, Southern Mississippi | Twitter

Also started five games as a LHP in 2013.  He's also a junior.

College stats

26th round: Ethan Gross, SS, University of Memphis

The first of several consecutive seniors.

College stats

27th round: Ryan Jones, 1B, Arizona Christian

A senior.

College bio

28th round: Blair Moore, 3B, California Baptist University

Another senior.

College bio

29th round: Evin Einhardt, RHP, Brewton Parker College | Twitter

A small college with a D1 baseball team, Einhardt had some of the best earned run numbers in D1.  He's also a senior.

2014 College Stats

30th round: Marc Flores, 1B, Hawaii

Second set of college teammates picked by the Sox.  He went to school with 16th rounder Matt Cooper.  He's yeat another senior.

College stats

31st round: Josh Goosen-Brown, RHP, USD | Twitter

Teammate of 6th rounder Louie Lechich. Lechich is listed as a LHP on the Toreros roster while Goosen-Brown is listed as an infielder-outfielder. Previously attended Cal State-Northridge where he set their all-time saves record in two seasons.  USD was his third school and was a fifth year senior.

College stats

32nd round: Adam Choplick, LHP, Oklahoma | Twitter

He was an 11th round pick by Arizona in 2011. He was a junior last season. His stats from 2014 are missing on Baseball Cube even though he had the most starts for the Sooners.

2014 stats: 15 G, 14 GS, 72.1 IP, 81 H, 47 R, 43 ER, 32 BB, 76 K

College stats

33rd round: Louis Silverio, OF, FIU | Twitter

Teammate of 13th rounder Michael Gomez.  He was a junior and a former JuCo transfer to FIU.

34th round: Michael Danner, LF, University of Tampa | Twitter

Guess what?  A senior.

College stats

35th round: Jared Koenig, LHP, Central Arizon College

JuCo pitcher that stuck out 50 in 48.1 innings in 2013, but pitched mostly out of the bullpen in 2014. Strikeouts went up to 44 in 32.1 innings.  Interesting JuCo guy, but I could not find any transfer commitments for him.

2014 college stats

36th round: Dayne Wagoner, C, Great Oaks HS (CA)

I could only find a Chandler Wagoner from that same high school. He's got a commitment to Oklahoma.

37th round: Jed Sprague, 1B, St. Mary's HS (CA)

Yes, he's the son of Ed Sprague.  He's committed to Pacific U. where his dad is the coach.

38th round: Anthony Justiniano, SS, Clemente HS (Chicago, IL)

Member of the White Sox ACE academy.  Committed to Wabash Valley College.

39th round: James Davidson, OF, Morgan Park HS (IL)

Another member of the ACE academy.  Committed to Howard College.

40th round: Julian Service, OF, Howard College

Previously drafted by Baltimore in the 21st round in 2012 and the 37th round in 2013 by the Twins.  He's available as a second year JuCo player.

2014 college stats