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MLB Draft 2014: Signings and rumors open thread

Your place for all the news and rumors you hear about the White Sox 2014 draft picks


The 2014 Draft is all over but the signings.  After the day off, the signings should start to roll in.

Most of the White Sox draft picks have played things close to the vest so far.  Jake Jarvis, the Sox 10th round pick, updated his Twitter bio on the second day of the draft to "Infielder in the Chicago White Sox Organization".  Last night, he sent out this tweet.

Last season, the Sox went 10 for 10 with their top 10 picks.  With Jarvis signed, there's nine more to go.

Also, I turned up an early draft profile on Bryce Montes de Oca.

Comment, speculate, and rumor away!

Update (6/10 12:15 pm):

Confirmed signings so far:

2nd round: Spencer Adams

10th round: Jake Jarvis

11th round: Zach Fish

13th round: Mike Gomez

20th round: Brandon Easterling

23rd round: Mike Hollenbeck

26th round: Ethan Gross

29th round: Evin Einhardt

33rd round: Louie Silverio

Suspected signings

7th round: Jake Peter (in Phoenix on Twitter)

8th round: John Ziznewski (headed to Phoenix tomorrow on Twitter)

19th round: Aaron Bummer (saying goodbyes in Nebraska)

37th round: Jed Sprague (in Chicago for the draft and on field before Monday's game)

Update (6/11 4:20 pm):

The White Sox have made official the signings of several draft picks today.  While there's been signs of several draft picks flying to Phoenix and a few pictures of guys actually signing contracts, quite a few aren't on Twitter or have been pretty quiet.  Before today, of the first ten picks, the Sox had unofficially announced the signing Spencer Adams while Jake Peter and Jake Jarvis both announced that they signed.  The full list is below.

Rather than go through all the guys who have signed, let's take a look at who isn't on the list.

  • 11th round, Zach Fish - Oklahoma State was playing in the NCAA regionals on Saturday, but lost. He left for Arizona this morning according to Twitter, so probably just a manner of timing.
  • 14th round, Bryce Montes de Oca - we've detailed his signability issues already.  He'll want a big bonus to join the Sox.  Whether the Sox can throw a big enough one at him or not is still an open question.
  • 15th round, Ben Brewster - he's a senior so signability shouldn't be a problem.
  • 21st round, Ryan Leonards - another senior that was in the NCAA regionals this past weekend, like Fish.  This signing could be announced soon.

The remaining missing picks from rounds 35 to 40 are all high schoolers or second year Junior College picks where signings were fairly unlikely.