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Podcast 25: Grades and Trades

Founder of, Tim Dierkes is our special guest this week as we chat about the current trade market for the White Sox.

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Jim Rogash

This week's podcast rundown:

  • Quite a bit of small news pieces through the week. If you missed out on the action, we recap all of the news in 2 minutes with the White Sox Review.
  • Jim Margalus and Adam Hazlett dish out their player report cards for the first half of the season. Discuss what the future holds at catcher, left field, and second base.
  • Founder of, Tim Dierkes, is our special guest this week. He shares the inner workings of the website, who are the hot names they are hearing in the trade winds, and what he thinks is the likelihood that Adam Dunn, Gordon Beckham, and Alexei Ramirez will be traded.
  • Finally, we get to your questions in this week's mailbag segment, P.O. Sox. Jim answers questions regarding: construction of the line up and is help on the way for the bullpen.
To listen simply click play below:

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Thanks for listening this week!