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GIF'ing it: Moises Sierra, White Sox dugout All-Star

Fourth outfielder has become first ringleader of dugout antics since joining team in May

Tom Szczerbowski

Since he joined the White Sox via a waiver claim from Toronto in early May, Moises Sierra's contributions have been mostly negligible from a production standpoint. He's hitting .271/.292/.388, but while that's a stark improvement over his .059 average with the Blue Jays, an eight-to-one strikeout-to-walk ratio tempers any enthusiasm.

Well, unless it's Sierra's enthusiasm we're talking about. Nothing can keep that in check.

Sierra might not be a roster lock the rest of the season, but that hasn't stopped him from making himself at home, transforming into a dugout tour de force.

The first sighting I can track dates back to a simple pat on the butt on June 11 ...


... but the phenomenon has exploded in earnest over the final fortnight of the first half. Since we have nothing better to do on this unnecessary day off, let's go back to...

June 29

This is the first extended sighting of Sierra-related tomfoolery, after Sierra belted a hanging Mark Buehrle changeup over the wall for his second homer of the year. The WGN crew showed Sierra receiving congratulations in the dugout.


Which was cool ... but it wasn't even halfway over. Jose Abreu, who tailed Sierra down the dugout, wanted to address him from the front, too.


Then Avisail Garcia got his attention for three thunderous, labrum-endangering hand slaps while Dayan Viciedo shimmied past.


Ever since the WGN crew lingered on the White Sox celebration, the broadcast directors started paying closer attention to Sierra-related activities in the dugout.

Most of them involve Abreu. Two of them do not, and you'll be delighted to find out who took his place.

July 1

In the first inning of the first game of a doubleheader against the Angels, Abreu drilled a three-run homer to the opposite field. Upon settling back into the dugout, Sierra served as Abreu's personal attendant.


So much so that it required two separate GIFs.


July 4

Once again, Abreu homered. Once again, Sierra wiped him down. This time, Abreu boogied down.


July 7

But it's not a one-way relationship. Here's Abreu getting tender with Sierra during the fifth inning at Fenway Park.


Maybe a little too tender, judging by Sierra's reaction.


July 8

OK, so we know that Abreu is more than game for Sierra's shenanigans. But what happens when Sierra pals around with somebody who might not react so favorably to his boundary issues?


whose completely uncomfortable reaction to Andre Rienzo's gracious embrace made for a Pantheon-caliber White Sox GIF. Let's see what happens when Sierra congratulates Gillaspie after his homer in the second game of the Boston series.


That goes about as well as you'd expect. Gillaspie barely tolerates it, so obviously Sierra will pick up the cues and not bother giving it another try.

July 9

Oh man, he's giving it another try.


Gillaspie: Excuse me, I need to get my cap.
Sierra: You have to pay the toll first.
Gillaspie: What's the toll?
Sierra: One hug.
Gillaspie: ...
Gillaspie: /heavy sigh
Sierra: /hugs
Sierra: You smell nice.
Gillaspie: I hate you.
Sierra: But I like you.

Seeing Gillaspie's refusal to reciprocate made me wonder whether Sierra's affection might inadvertently lead Gillaspie to believe he was better off hitting doubles. But then he homered the next day, so, you know, he's a trooper.

July 11

Lest we think Sierra is limited to providing value behind the rail, he showed that he's capable of delivering outside the dugout, too.

Just outside the dugout.


I'm with you all the way, Moises.