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Danks and Viciedo trade rumors start simmering again

John Danks rumors started to bubble first today, but then the Dayan Viciedo pot started to boil.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

After our short John Danks could be getting traded red alert just before the All-Star break, the White Sox rumor mill suddenly went all Bizarro world.

How's Gordon Beckham holding up despite trade rumors?

Will the Sox be buyers or sellers?

Will AJ. come back to Chicago?

Will Ozzie manage the Sox next year?

I wouldn't have been surprised if Solomon Grundy was signed to a minor league deal.

Today, though, we finally got back to some sane rumor-mongering about John Danks.  This time, rather than some borderline wishcasting, we have a story from John Heyman.

There is no evidence the sides are close to a deal and may be in only the early stages of talks. The White Sox are looking for young players and prospects as they continue their rebuild.

The Yankees have no lefthanders in their rotation now that CC Sabathia is out for the year and Vidal Nuno has been traded (for McCarthy).

With the Yankees trade today to acquire Chase Headley from the Padres, the Yankees are certainly buying.  Whether the Sox can get what they want for Danks is the big question. For Headley and $1 million, the Yankees gave up a career utility guy and a fringy high-A starter.


Along with John Danks rumors, Dayan Viciedo's came up again too.

Tonight, then, might be the right night for a Viciedo showcase.

Update: Some details of John Danks no-trade clause has come out.