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Zach Putnam goes on the 15-day DL; Andre Rienzo recalled from Charlotte

The bullpen crumbles a little bit more.

Darren McCollester

The White Sox continued their game of Go Fish (H/T Lil Jimmy) in the bullpen.

Fortunately, this isn't a new pitcher joining the team, so the number of pitchers called up from Charlotte this season stands at 10.  Unfortunately, it does mean that the most steady performer in the bullpen so far this season is gone.  Putnam has seen some regression in his BABIP recently, but, with a FIP of 3.32, he's been a pleasant surprise.

After a relief appearance in his first game back in Charlotte, Andre Rienzo moved back to the starting rotation last week going five innings in a shutout win.  As of now, there's been no announced changes to the starting rotation, so Rienzo rejoins the bullpen.  Despite starting 21 games for the Sox over the past two seasons, Robin Ventura has been reluctant to use Rienzo in the bullpen, and went two weeks between appearances before he was sent to Charlotte on July 13.