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Podcast: Snubbing Chris Sale

We recap the previous week in Chicago White Sox baseball and answer your questions in this week's P.O. Sox.

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This would be a pretty cool Fathead.
This would be a pretty cool Fathead.
Brian Kersey

Different format this week as Jim Margalus serves as my co-pilot in this week's South Side Sox Podcast. We chat about:

  • The MLB All-Star roster unveiling. Perhaps under the circumstances we should have seen Chris Sale being snubbed from the team. We also discuss which AL Starter should have been exchanged for Sale on the team and his odds of making the AL roster after the MLB All-Star final vote.
  • We recap the previous week in White Sox baseball. After a 3-3 home stand we discuss Robin Ventura's decision making difficulties handling the starting pitching, how the starting pitching was dominant against Seattle, and perhaps why Dayan Viciedo didn't join the Mariners on their way back to Seattle.
  • Finally, we answer your questions in this week's mailbag segment, P.O. Sox. Topics include: Adrian Nieto future value, Leury Garcia future role on the team, John Danks trade value, and Adam Eaton as a possible contender for the AL Gold Glove.
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