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Chris Sale leading the AL Final Vote for the All Star Game


David Banks

With two days left to vote for the White Sox' Chris Sale, Sale rightly continues to lead the race for the Final Vote spot on the AL All Star Team.

Meanwhile, the White Sox have put together a few videos supporting Chris Sale's case.

Also, the White Sox are having some get out the vote parties tonight to exchange votes for T-shirts.

This is a time for personal sacrifice to get Chris Sale into the All Star Game.  I've lost three followers on Twitter since I started retweeting almost everything with #TargetSale in it.  Heck, I wrote this article because of the tweets it automagically generates.

And everyone on the Sox is getting into it on Twitter too.


Players' wives.

Old memes.

People seeking revenge.

It's time to do the Chicago thing and vote.  And vote.  And vote.