Oakland Athletics named the "Second Team" of South Side Sox

EDIT: 12:08 AM CST 7/15/2014: The Oakland A's have won, and are crowned the "Second Team" of South Side Sox. Billy is still trying to win the last game of the season. Here's hoping he pulls it off. More details found in the comments below. Thanks to all who participated in the survey.

It's no secret that our South Side Sox community has select opposing teams that completely grind our gears. There can be many different reasons that a particular team winds up "on our list". Sometimes it's an obnoxious fan base. Sometimes we can't stand the way a team is run. Sometimes, we can't stand the way a team collectively plays. Sometimes, it's that time they beat us in that one series. Sometimes, a single player can draw our ire at an entire organization. And sometimes, familiarity simply breeds contempt.

If we were to take a survey of which teams were the most disliked among the South Side Sox community, we'd probably see a good amount of groupthink and the results might not be all that revealing. But what about the teams we dislike the least, or even ::gulp:: like? What is the aggregate community's "second team"?

Well, let's not leave this important question unanswered. Below I have posted a link to a survey. The survey is simple. First, input your name (preferably your South Side Sox username). Then rank the other Major League Teams 1-29 using drag-and-drop, with #29 being the team that chaps your ass the most. #1 should be the opposing team that you like the most. If you are Rhubarb or Rhubarb-like in your attitude towards the rest of the league, #1 should be the opposing team that you come closest to tolerating (but of course, do not actually tolerate). The Top Ten teams in each response will be valued according to a points system of my choosing. Just for fun, I'll value the Bottom Ten teams as well so those of you filled with rage can get your fix. There's probably a chunk of teams on which you don't have strong feelings either way, so it doesn't matter what you put for #11 - #19.

This survey will officailly label one team as the "second team" of South Side Sox. Please fill it out if you would like your voice heard on this pressing issue. Here is the link:

Results and other interesting observations will be posted in the comments. The survey will close at the end of the day Monday 7/14.

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