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Podcast: The Dog Days

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We're back with the podcast. Sorry for the two week delay as we ran into some technical difficulties. To help enhance future episodes of the podcast, we will be switching to a new resource for the upcoming podcast to record. Hopefully that will help with the bugs we have recently encountered. Major thanks for those that listen.

What is on tap for this week's podcast:

  • Jim Margalus and I chat about the White Sox struggles so far in the month of August. What could possibly be ailing Jose Abreu and how to fix Rule 7.13.
  • With the recent Top 20 Prospects for the Chicago White Sox,'s Jim Callis joins the podcast to chat about the rankings, and how he thinks Carlos Rodon has better quality stuff than Chris Sale did when he was drafted.
  • Then we wrap up with our mailbag segment, P.O. Sox. We answer 10 total questions this week to make up for the podcast not being existed for two weeks.
To listen, simply click on the play button below:

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SoundCloud: You can stream or download from our SoundCloud page, or subscribe to it using the SoundCloud app from the Google Play store.

Thanks for listening this week!