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Podcast: Who's being called up anyway?

Jim Margalus give his list of prospective call up's by September 1st. We also chat with Seth Lakso to discuss Carlos Rodon's starts in Charlotte and the extent of Micah Johnson injured knee.

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The rundown for this week's podcast:

  • Jim and I discuss Gordon Beckham's departure. His chances of staying with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in 2015 and the lessons the White Sox have learned during the "Beckham Era"
  • With an 0'fer this past week in the win column, Jim touches on why the White Sox have been struggling mightly in August, and how it could turn around in September with Adam Eaton returning to the line up.
  • Seth Lakso joins the podcast to chat about the Charlotte Knights. He gives his thoughts on Carlos Rodon and how teammates compare him to Madison Bumgarner. We also chat about the extent of Micah Johnson's injury, Adam Eaton's performance in Charlotte during Rehab, and if the White Sox picked the right infielder to replace Gordon Beckham.
  • Finally, we answer your questions in this week's mailbag segment, P.O. Sox. Which includes Jim's list of potential call ups for September 1st. You'll have to listen to who both Seth and Jim agree on that his chances of being called up are very "likely" that may surprise you.
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