The Road to Rodon: First Start

About the literal Road to Rodon: traffic in Northern VA and the Beltway is bad. Worse than the Kennedy/Edens. Better than the Dan Ryan. But compounded by DC, MD, and VA drivers. They are the worst in the country. Insurance companies agree.

Now, for the information you've all been waiting for:

Rick Hahn wore a striped Nike polo shirt with cream, non-cargo shorts, and brown driving mocs. larry was appropriately scornful.

For the less exciting part of the update:

Carlos Rodon's stuff looked good. He generated quite a few swings and misses especially on the backdoor slider and 2-strike high fastball. He started to struggle with control in the 2nd inning when he gave up a single through the left side and then couldn't find the zone for a bit. He recovered though and didn't allow a run. Rodon's final line was 3Ks, 1 BB, and 2 Hs--neither of them especially hard.

Cleuluis Rondon looked good at the plate (2-for-5, 1 BB, 1K). He worked the count full to earn the walk. In the 1st, he showed off his range and defensive ability with a running, diving stop up the middle. Rondon didn't quite have enough time to get the runner at 1B, though. He executed the pivot on a double play to erase the hit. In the later innings, he also just missed a hard hit grounder between SS and 3B--that was mostly due to being in position to hold the runner. And the pitcher probably missed his spot since the rest of the defense was playing him towards right.

Jacob May had himself a day at the plate, too. 3-for-5 with a double. He showed a nice opposite field and inside-out stroke. But he also made a costly baserunning error, getting picked off at 1B.

Keon Barnum joined that club going 2-for-3 with a double and getting doubled up at 3B when he left early on a would-be RBI sac fly from Jake Peter.

I took some video to be added later.

Update from Jim (7:06 p.m.):


Rick was very gracious in tolerating my questions for the final 4 innings or so. That's extra gracious because I let slip the South Side Sox fashion watch affiliation less than 1 out into the chat. I thanked him for the work he's done putting together a strong core. He said he appreciated that because he hears more about the work he still has to do on the bullpen.

Despite Adam Dunn fulfilling his lifelong dream it seems unlikely Paulie will fulfill his with an inning at SS. Rick said that would likely be followed by a stint on the DL. That doesn't seem like the worst way to free up a roster spot for Semien, Sanchez, or Johnson.

They still feel comfortable with their approach to promoting minor leaguers. He said everyone they've moved up has earned it. I didn't have the heart to suggest Hawkins as a counterexample despite his 0-for-5, 2K performance. Their approach with pitchers is to give them at least a season to just work on what they've got since "there's a reason they got drafted." Around High-A is when they'll start deciding whether to add or subtract from the repertoire.

I also got to bug J.B. Wendelken for a bit since he was on pitch logging duty. He said the biggest difference between his preparation as a starter compared to when he was relieving is the conditioning and running they have him do now. There isn't much difference in the arm and throwing program with the White Sox compared to the Red Sox. The biggest difference in training is that the White Sox don't ice arms and the Red Sox do. His favorite minor league park is Greenville because it's close to home.

He said Frank Montas threw a simulated game recently and seems to be on the mend.

I wish them both luck in getting to wear a Sox uniform soon.

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