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Why did Chris Sale really throw at Victor Martinez?

Don't lap up the MSM propaganda

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Sale hit Victor Martinez in the sixth inning. The Twitterverse speculated that it had to do with Sale believing a man with binoculars -- possibly partially submerged in the GM Fountain -- was relaying signs to Martinez. The above picture -- allegedly showing Sale tipping his cap to Binoculars Man after striking Martinez out in the third -- is cited as evidence. Additionally, Sale allegedly gestured towards the Binocularati after he hit Martinez. This picture of Sale is also cited:

Here's what he had to say after the game:

Binoculars, hecklers, whatever. Don't buy it. I believe this is all misdirection to cover up the real reason: that horseshit gift the Tigers gave to Paul Konerko last night.

Seriously. That's a used base and some dirt. I know times are tough in Detroit but come on. Cleveland, of all places, came through with a guitar. At least they framed it, I guess.

The beat writers casually tossed out some information but did not follow up on it. However, I believe this is essential information that supports my theory.

Why would Konerko be in that office unless he was the mastermind behind this plot? Why would Ventura call them in if not to congratulate the pair on revenge well done?

With this in mind, one can easily explain Sale's other gestures. In the third, he was sardonically tipping his cap to Detroit, which stretched out beyond the center field wall. In the sixth, he was pointing to the cars surrounding the GM Fountain, suggesting what would have been a better gift from a place like Detroit. And his raccoon eyes were a subtle yet recognizable hint that this was all about Konerko.