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Podcast: MLB pace of play problem

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Welcome to Season 2 of the podcast, as we try to grasp what new MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred, wants the game to evolve to attract the YPOS crowd.

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Welcome to season 2 of the South Side Sox podcast. Can't believe its been a year already since our first foray in this medium. Again, can't stress enough how grateful we are that you listen to the show every time we produce it.

Moving that aside, here is the rundown for this week's show:

  • Jim and I discuss the Commissioner's top priorities to better the game of baseball: pace of play and "inject additional offense into the game." We discuss how big of problem does baseball have with the current pace, and is a pitch clock really the answer to solving this? Jim takes a crack on how bad of an idea it is to eliminate defensive shifts in an attempt to generate more offense.
  • We check in at SoxFest with Ken Neadly, or better known in this part's as KenWo. Interesting tidbit about the 2005 World Series team that most may not now about and if you wish to attend a future SoxFest, Ken's got solid advice you should heed before going.
  • Patrick Nolan joins with me to discuss the current state of offense in MLB. Are all outs created equal? Is the strikeout that evil? What's causing the downward trend in offensive production league wide?
  • With the passing of a Chicago icon, I'm joined by Bleed Cubbie Blue's, Danny Rockett, to remember the legacy of Ernie Banks.
  • Finally, we answer your question's from Twitter and Facebook in our first P.O. Sox of 2015.
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