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Dispatches from the White Sox hitting mini-camp

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Optimism abound at Camelback Ranch, and it's not even spring training

Tim Anderson
Tim Anderson
Video courtesy of the Chicago White Sox

The White Sox picked the right week to hold their mini-camp for young (and under-contract) hitters at Camelback Ranch. Since it's the coldest day of the year in Chicago and elsewhere, here's some video from the White Sox of Tim Anderson taking some cuts.

A few other observations and notes from the interviews conducted by the club in Arizona.

*One of the running highlights of the offseason has been Adam Eaton tweeting like the rest of us after the Sox make a move, even before it's official. He shared his opinion on the latest one during an interview outside the batting cages, saying, "I've heard we got [Emilio] Bonifacio, or we're gonna get Bonifacio later today ... Rick Hahn's putting us in a good position to win."


*Todd Steverson said Avisail Garcia's winter ball season was a success based on the reports he's received. The stats certainly back that up, as Garcia hit .312/.366/.528 with eight doubles, two triples, five homers, 11 walks and 34 strikeouts over 125 at-bats for Tigres de Aragua.

*When asked about the possibility of catching Chris Sale, Rob Brantly said, "Sale's release point being way out there, I'm excited to get familiar with it and to get more comfortable with it." A wry smile hinted at the difficulty.

*Micah Johnson had to take it easy last winter while recovering from elbow surgery. He had a different injury cap his 2014 season, but his hamstring isn't holding him back from going about his work full bore with an offseason regimen that includes weightlifting and hot vinyasa yoga.

He'll be gunning for the second base job, and he's envisioning his role in the offense ...

"If I care about any [personal] stat, it's going to be runs, and the best way to do that is keep moving up station to station. So if I steal and I'm at second base or third base, and [Jose] Abreu has less than two outs, that's pretty much automatic, you guys know that."

... although he made clear he's not presuming anything:

"You've got the Rookie of the Year last year, you've got Eaton at the top of the order, and we were just talking -- man, if I'm blessed enough to be in that lineup, me and him back to back, any order ... you've got speed and you've got the power, you've got [Adam] LaRoche, Melky [Cabrera], my goodness, man. The guys who are still there -- Alexei [Ramirez], [Conor] Gillaspie, Garcia. You've got all these guys who are capable of doing a lot. You've got speed, you've got power, you've got contact. Melky doesn't strike out. This is a special lineup, man."

Alas, it'll be a while before seeing it in motion. Pitchers and catchers report on Feb. 20, the full team deal starts four days later, and the Cactus League schedule opens on March 4.