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Podcast: Pitchers and Catchers review

Chicago's greatest strength was its pitching staff as we recap how it fared in 2015.

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Podcast 73 is in the books as we review the 2015 season for pitchers and catchers. Anthony Joshi-Pawlowic joins as we debate: If 2015 was Chris Sale's worst year as a starter? Did Jose Quintana have a better year than Sale? Can the White Sox truly count on Erik Johnson to fill in for a soon-to-be departing Jeff Samardzija?

The show rundown:

  • Hawk is only broadcasting the home opener, the home Cubs series, road games and the season finale, which is probably a good thing.
  • Why hiring Sandy Alomar would be the most White Sox hiring. Also ponder why anyone would want to be the Bench Coach if the Manager only has a year left on his contract. Would someone sign a one year deal? Or would the new Bench Coach have stronger job security than Robin Ventura?
  • CBS Sports, Jon Heyman, is reporting that the New York Yankees will pursue Jeff Samardzija. Makes sense from a baseball standpoint. Now try to imagine Jeff Samardzija with a hair cut and a shave.
  • With Rick Hahn joining Rob Hart on the first White Sox Weekly on 890 WLS AM (Great job, Rob!), we discuss our key takeaways from the interview. Such as how Hahn is really happy how the team is managed from 10 pm - 7 pm, but not so much between 7-10 pm.
  • MLB Divisional Series will wrap up this week. Jim offers suggestions on how baseball can avoid future Chase Utley-like take out slides at second base.
  • Finally, your questions in P.O. Sox, which included these gems:

To listen, simply click play below:

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