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Podcast: Infielders Review

As a whole the infield was a very weak group in major need of some upgrades. We discuss what type of players the White Sox should seek to patch up the infield.

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Episode 74 is in the books where we recap the 2015 season for infielders. Here is the rundown:

  • Both the Kansas City Royals and New York Mets are up two games in the League Championship series. The Toronto Blue Jays have to deal with the Royals devil magic and with how well the starting staff has pitched takes Kansas City's play to a another level. Meanwhile, as the series heads to Chicago the sweep could be on if the Cubs bats don't figure out how to string hits together against the phenomenal Mets starters. Doesn't get any easier as Jacob deGrom and Steven Matz start Game 3 and Game 4.
  • Infield review: Jose Abreu had a good year, not great, in 2015. Adam LaRoche had the worst season of his career. If LaRoche is still on the White Sox in 2016, how should the White Sox divide playing time in the field? Carlos Sanchez's glove gave the Sox a boost at second base, but would the White Sox entertain finding a starter who can provide some much needed offense at the position (perhaps Daniel Murphy?). 

    What are the White Sox risking if they pick up Alexei Ramirez's option? At third base, which has been a mess for years, we discuss what we are hoping for out of the position. Knowing that 2006 Joe Crede ain't walking back into the dugout. Should the White Sox go after Todd Frazier? Martin Prado? or will any of the free agent choices suffice?
  • Finally, your questions in this week's P.O. Sox. Here are the winners:

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