Emiliano477's Offseason Plan

Arbitration-eligible (with projected salaries from MLBTR):

Contract options (pick up or buy out)

Pick it up, or decline sign him cheaper

Impending free agents (re-sign, let go, or qualifying offer?):

Samardzija has to go,hope he decline the QO and someone else sign him,

Free agents

OF Jason Heyward - 8 year, 190 million. with a 5th Year Buyout. Good Glove, Good Speed, Good Bat, Young Age!! The Sox Need to send Avi Down for a while or trade him because he is still young and not ready production wise, Sox are in win- now mode and cant afford to wait on him.

3B Hwang Jae-gyun- 4 Years 18 Million. He asked to be posted and if he does he is getting more than Jung Ho Kang who got 4 years 11 million. He hit 290, with 26HRs he could be the 3B man that the White sox have been looking for and cheap.

SP John Lackey- 1Yr 4 Million- Not Sure what his market will be but we need a cheap pitcher at this point, you will see why.?!??!?!!?

RP Antonio Bastardo- 3 Years 24million. A good upgrade to a fairly decent bullpen.


SP Jose Quintania, CP David Robertson, SP Tyler Danish, OF Tyrace Thompson TO THE Cubs for C/DH Kyle Shweiber, Elroy Jimenez . Both Teams benefit!! Cubs GM says he could trade one of the young players for good pitching (Young) David Price to the cubs is starting to die down a bit now. so cubs get a good young pitcher with friendly deal along with bullpen help, prospect, and someone they could put in left for good in thompson. WHITE SOX get a OF PROSPECT not far from the major in jimenez i would ask for almora or mckinney but that might be to much for the cubs to give up, but Kyle Schiweiber makes up for it. A 22 YR who hits HRs and could be the everyday starter for now until he eventually becomes a DH/1B. the cubs will still have money to sign a zimmerman and or have trade pieces for a Grey or Ross..

(Maybe some minor trades will follow, maybe another big trade?)

Summary- The Pay Roll, (Check to see if the math is right hope its right or im dumb), Comes to 129-135 Million Dollars maybe more if the cubs want the sox to pay some of that Robertson cash. but trading him and getting rid of that 11 million for 2016 does help out.


CF- Eaton

LF- Cabrera

1B- Abreu


RF- Heyward

3B- Hwang

SS- Ramirez

DH- Larouche(Trade if Possible ehh one more year or upgrade at the deadline)

2B -Micah Johnson





Free agent? I prefer Garcia flowers and Olt to be in triple A







Doesn't look so great because qunitana is gone, but with larouche and Danks big money gone after 2016 that opens up alot of payroll for SP trade for or signing.. also Fulmer will be up in 2017 and be a full time starter


Long Innings Relief Pitcher Frankie Montas


Zach Putnam

Antonio Bastardo

Matt Albers

Set Up

Zach Duke

Jake Peticka


Nate Jones

Last Thoughts. if the sox do wanna make these moves but for some reason miss out on heyward, then avi is still there and even with him this team with news guys scheweiber, Hwang or if he is not posted, david fresse trade for a 3B martin Prado? Big trade for Frazier? this team looks and can be good in many ways.

The way i set this team up is mostly signing some guys but if they miss out they still have their prospects and can make trades BUT IF THE PLAN GOES AS I PUT IT! they have a good looking team and still manged to keep their prospects for later seasons or trades to come. and no matter what sox will keep their 1st round pick and the pick they got from the team who signs Samardzija do zobrist and heyward get qualifying offers? if so we lost the 2nd and 3rd pick. but still got 2 1st round picks!! MAKE IT HAPPEN WHITE SOX

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