Jerry Reisendorf's wet hankercheif

tender all, easy choice

Contract options (pick up or buy out)

I'm going to have to let Alexi go, even though it kills me. I just don't think he is worth 10M$ at his age and his last year's performance both offensively and defensively were sub-par.

Impending free agents (re-sign, let go, or qualifying offer?):

Free agents:

Open your pocketbooks Jerry

No. 1: Daniel Murphy: at 4 years 42M$,

I know this is overpaying, but I'm not trying to get a steal here. Although I am loved watching him destroy the Cubs, it is killing me and the Sox that he is doing this. Murphy is a good batter regularly at deserves around 10M$ a year, but will probably get around 12-15M$ a year due to this postseason. He is a good contact bat that will serve well in the two hole. Also, he can play both 2B, and 3B which is both needed on the sox

No. 2: Marco Estrada: at 3 years 33M$

A good rotation can silence any team. Look at what the Mets did to the Cubs! That's why I am going with Estrada here to get a very good rotation up and down the lineup. He had an out-liar year this year, but with his change this could be really how good he is.

No. 3: Yoenis Cespedes: at 8 years 185M$

The Sox are not known for opening their pocket book for big free agents but middle-level free agents did not cut it last year. Cespedes does not make sense to me at first. All I could think about is that right-handed bat, however in my trades I will make it a lot easier to see him on the sox. Cespedes is a good fielder, good base runner and a good bat. Something that will be new next season.

No. 4: Trevor Cahill: at 2 years 6M$

Just another bullpen arm that we could use without spending the big bucks.

No. 5: Stephen Drew: at 2 years 12M$

Not sexy, but cheaper and a better bat than Alexi. The glove could use work, but Alexi wasn't very good with it last year so I see it as an improvement


No. 1 A.K.A. (the blockbuster) : Frankie Montas, Chris Beck, Courtney Hawkins and John Danks for Carlos Gonazles

Seems like a lot for 2 years but an exceptional bat, a good glove, and a good baserunner is worth it. Montas will likely no be a starter and although he could be a good bullpen arm, this is worth it. As for Beck and Hawkins, i don't see them becoming valuable on our roster in the future. Danks is simply a gift/salary dump.

No. 2: Adam LaRoche and 6M$ to any team that would like him

I feel as if he might have a comeback, but I can't risk another terrible season causing us to waste more prospects at the deadline


This may make Reisendorf cry, but I am sick of this crappy team surrounding a good core. Team-friendly deals mean nothing if they are met with extreme player-friendly deals. Plus the sox made 30M$ last year and in no way would those numbers shrink if they make a playoff run. On the bright side, the deals last year, that are turning out to be horrible, are not long term. This allows for flexibility in later years with more and more players coming off the books. I think this team is very good and could make a deep playoff run if not world series. I may have to sweeten the CarGo deal a little bit but I figured and expensive, two-year man is not worth a whole lot more than a couple good prospects. Hopefully the sox will be able to resign CarGo, if they go through with this. There are still some wholes, but hopefully this will make up for them, or get some new guys at the deadline. This team will look like this......

Lineup: Bench:

1. CF A. Eaton INF T. Saladino/M. Johnson

2. 2/3B D. Murphy OF A. Garcia

3. RF C. Gonzales OF T. Thompson

4. 1B J. Abreu C G. Soto

5. LF Y. Cespedes INF C. Sanchez

6. DH/OF M. Cabrera

7. SS S. Drew

8. C T. Flowers

9. 3B T. Saladino or 2B M. Johnson


1. SP C.Sale

2. SP J. Quintana

3. SP C. Rodon

4. SP M. Estrada

5. SP E. Johnson


CP D. Robertson

RP N. Jones

RP Z. Puntam

RP T. Cahill

SU D. Webb

SU D. Jennings

SU J. Petricka

LR S. Carroll

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