Rspata's offseason plan

Arbitration eligible

flowers: tender

garcia: tender

jones: tender

jennings: no

putman: tender

contract options

Alexei Ramirez: pick up 10 million. Gotta do it. best case he has a good first half and you can trade him for something decent once Anderson is ready.

Impending free agents:

samardzija: qualify offer and get the draft pick

albers : no

soto: no

beckham: God no

Free agents:

matt wieters- 4 years 60 million. Keep flowers as his backup and insurance in case he gets hurt like he usually does but when healthy it's hard to find a better catcher than this guy.

Any one of these 3 outfielders- upton heward or cespedes- sox need a 5 tool type of athletic outfielder to jump start this god awful offense and bring some excitement. any of these guys would be a huge pickup and get the fan base excited again. figure 7-10 years at around 160-200 million depending on which one they get.


john danks and Adam laroche to Boston for Hanley Ramirez

one trade that I think make sense for both teams. The money for this year is almost equal. Boston gets 2 guys with expiring contracts and sox get their third basemen. Hanley shouldn't be in the outfield.


payroll comes in around 135 million. Think that's reasonable. Jerry needs to spend a little more to be competitive especially with the Cubs being so loaded. I could even see them spending a little more and go after a second basemen at the deadline and another starter if the team is competitive and in the race.

Starting staff: sale Quintana Rodon Johnson and montas or fulmer battle it out

Outfield: Cabrera eaton and any one of cespedes heward or upton

infield: wieters Hanley alexei Abreu and Sanchez or Johnson

bulpeen: Robertson, duke, Petrika, jones, Putnam, turner

bench: Thompson, Garcia, flowers, saladino

Dh: kind of rotating, some days wieters to keep healthy and get Tyler back there other days Cabrera to get avi or Thompson out there.

let me know what you guys think.

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