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White Sox Rumors: Sox meet with Yoenis Cespedes' agent

Cespedes, Gonzalez, and Rasmus, oh my.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

While things seemed quiet at the GM meeting, the White Sox' hot stove is starting to heat up.  John Heyman has reported that the White Sox have met with Yoenis Cespedes agent.

After trades to acquire Yoenis Cespedes didn't pan out at the trade deadline for the White Sox, it's not all that surprising that they're checking in with each other.  With no QO anchor around his neck, Cespedes seems like a nice offseason target for the White Sox, but after a .291/.328/.542 season with 35 homers, he's likely to get a significant pay raise above the $10.5 million he made last season.

On the downside, Heyman mentioned that the Sox "were one of many, many teams" to talk with Cespedes agent.


While Cespedes could be out of the Sox' price range as a free agent, Jon Heyman also reports that Carlos Gonzalez is available again. The downside of trading for Gonzalez, of course, is that we wouldn't see any strikeouts like this.


While the White Sox wait for Jeff Samardzija to reject his QO today, the first ever QO acceptance happened yesterday. Colby Rasmus accepted the Astros $15.8 million, one year deal. For Rasmus, it does make some sense. Last season, the Astros paid him $8 million after a 1.0 bWAR 2014 season for Toronto.  At almost a 100% pay raise, it seems that was good enough for Rasmus.

In case you were wondering, Rasmus' $15.8 million is $1.25 million more than what Chris Sale and Jose Quintana will make in 2016 combined.