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Podcast: Fork in the road

Chicago White Sox fans would love to see the team add this offseason, but is Rick Hahn changing directions this winter?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Podcast is back this week with episode 76 and we take a look at the position Chicago White Sox are in this young offseason.

The rundown:

  • CSN Chicago's, Dan Hayes, joins to discuss why the White Sox ultimately declined Alexei Ramirez's option,  impact that Rick Renteria will have in the clubhouse, and how much money the team could possibly spend this offseason.
  •'s and Friend of the Podcast, Dan Szymborski, shares what ZiPS think will be the best free agents on the market. He also proposes why the White Sox would be better off not only trading Jose Quintana, but also Chris Sale this offseason if the front office is not willing to fund a $150 million payroll.
  • Jim is back from his vacation in Sweden and Iceland. Sharing his experience watching Bandy which is like watching 11 vs. 11 ice hockey (video). As a dependable voice of reason, he helps orchestrate where our mindset should be at this course in the offseason and what to expect in the upcoming weeks.
To listen, simply click play below:

Programming note: The season finale will be available on Dec. 14th, recapping all the moves made during the Winter Meetings.

It's time again to get your feedback for the show with our annual podcast survey. Love to get your feedback on how well we did this year, what you would like to see changed, and what you would like to see added for 2016. Already working on some great things for next year that I'm hoping to announce very soon.

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