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SB Nation MLB Awards season opens with Hitter of the Year voting

Pick your favorite bat and suggest White Sox nominees for later in the week

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The MLB calendar is on the verge of its awards season, and so SB Nation has opened the voting for its own very special superlatives. All of our communities will be voting on five categories, starting with a couple of nice, easy and straightforward categories before veering into territory that makes blog gravy.

  • Today: Hitter of the year (all of MLB)
  • Tuesday: Pitcher of the year (all of MLB)
  • Wednesday: White Sox defensive play of the year
  • Thursday: White Sox bat flip/celebration of the year
  • Friday: Best breakage of unwritten rules (all of MLB)

The vote for hitter of the year is pretty straightforward, and candidates are in the poll below. Feel free to discuss that, or to name/stump for candidates for the White Sox-specific Wednesday and Thursday posts, lest I forget one that's truly golden.