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South Side Sox' SB Nation MLB Awards voting results

The White Sox weren't shut out during awards season after all

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

In case you didn't peek at the results after polls closed, here's how the South Side Sox blog community voted on the five categories for the SB Nation MLB Awards.

Hitter of the Year

  • Winner: Bryce Harper (55 percent)
  • Runner-up: Josh Donaldson (24 percent)
  • I picked: Harper.

Harper should've been unanimous, considering he had the greatest offensive season since Barry Bonds was blacklisted retired, but we did get both MVPs, at least.

Pitcher of the Year

  • Winner: Chris Sale (34 percent)
  • Runner-up: Zack Greinke (28 percent)
  • I picked: Clayton Kershaw (12 percent)

There wasn't a a wrong choice among the three National League pitchers, and perhaps they split the vote and allowed the Condor to take it. Either that, or SSS is composed of giant homers. Kershaw, Greinke and Jake Arrieta combined to pick up 61 percent of the vote, but this isn't a coalition. I picked Kershaw because of the 300 strikeouts and a year that stacked up with his other Cy Young winners.

White Sox Defensive Play of the Year

  • Winner: Avisail Garcia saves Independence Day (32 percent)
  • Runner-up: Good Eaton in Kansas City (15 percent)
  • I picked: Garcia

It wasn't nearly the most difficult play of the group, but it was the most memorable. He robbed what appeared to be a sure homer in the ninth inning in front of a good crowd, resulting in one of the season's most enduring images. Works for me.

However, I wonder if I should've included Robin Ventura catching Tyler Flowers over the railing:

Ventura Flowers 3

White Sox Celebration of the Year

  • Winner: Conor Gillaspie goes nuts (31 percent)
  • Runner-up: Trayce Thompson silent treatment (30 percent)
  • I picked: Thompson


The community took up the opportunity to give Gillaspie one last salute for his unintentional comedic value on the way out. I voted for Thompson for a couple reasons: I genuinely enjoyed Jose Abreu's reaction, and Gillaspie humor doesn't travel well. Two votes separated this one.

Unwritten Rule Violation of the Year:

  • Winner: Bryce Harper choked by teammate (40 percent)
  • Runner-up: Jose Bautista's bat toss (31 percent)
  • I picked: Kyle Seager and Jered Weaver debate calling time.

Speaking of enduring images, I thought Bautista would win this one going away, but Harper's flare-up with Jonathan Papelbon played well with the wrestling set. I picked the Seager/Weaver flap because it was the dumbest, and thus the most fun to write about. Between that one, the Jesus Montero ice cream story, and now Andy Van Slyke, the Mariners seem to get the best material.